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  • Cambridge International AS & A Level Economics Digital Coursebook (2 Years) - ISBN 9781108822787

NEW Cambridge AS & A Level Economics Digital Coursebook (2 Years)

ISBN 9781108822787
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Online digital coursebook available for access and download via digital access code. Code generated at publisher level in the UK and generally provided within 48 hours. This digital resource purchase has 2 year usage license option.

Product Description

Cambridge International AS & A Level Economics Digital Coursebook (2 Years) 4th Edition

Author/s: Colin Bamford and Susan Grant 

This series supports teachers and learners of Cambridge International AS & A Level Economics (9708).

Introduce your learners to the world of economics with the fourth edition of our Cambridge International AS & A Level Economics series.

Featuring a coursebook with digital access, digital coursebook, workbook with digital access and digital teacher’s resource, your students will gain a clear understanding of how economics operates on an international scale, while developing key skills, such as analysis and evaluation.


  • ‘Getting started with’ chapter supports student transition from IGCSE™ to AS & A Level

  • ‘Economics in context’ & ‘Think like an Economist’ features apply lessons to real-life scenarios, engaging learners in their studies

  • Essay writing activities build key skills, including analysis and evaluation

  • Key terms, key concepts and command words are defined for quick revision and support English as a second language learners

  • Preparing for assessment chapter, including sample mark schemes, helps learners prepare for their examinations

  • Mixture of local and global case studies ensures content is relevant to all learners and encourages an interest in the subject

  • Find your notes quickly and easily with highlights and bookmarks   

  • Simple and easy to use, you can link directly into Cambridge GO from Google Classroom, Moodle, Blackboard and any other VLE. You can also access all of your Cambridge resources anytime, anywhere and create your own collection in ‘My Resources’ .


How to use this series
How to use this book
Getting started with AS & A Level Economics
Introducing command words
1 Basic economic ideas and resource allocation (AS Level)
1 Scarcity, choice and opportunity cost
2 Economic methodology
3 Factors of production
4 Resource allocation in different economic systems
5 Production possibility curves
6 Classification of goods and services
End-of-unit exam-style questions
2 The price system and the micro economy (AS Level)
7 Demand and supply curves
8 Price elasticity, income elasticity and cross-elasticities of demand
9 Price elasticity of supply
10 The interaction of demand and supply
11 Consumer and producer surplus
End-of-unit exam-style questions
3 Government microeconomic intervention (AS Level)
12 Reasons for government interventions in markets
13 Methods and effects of government interventions in markets
14 Addressing income and wealth inequality
End-of-unit exam-style questions
4 The macro economy (AS Level)
15 National income statistics
16 Introduction to the circular flow of income
17 Aggregate demand (AD) and aggregate supply (AS) analysis
18 Economic growth
19 Unemployment
20 Price stability
End-of-unit exam-style questions
5 Government macroeconomic intervention (AS Level)
21 Government macroeconomic policy objectives
22 Fiscal policy
23 Monetary policy
24 Supply-side policy
End-of-unit exam-style questions
6 International economic issues (AS Level)
25 The reasons for international trade
26 Protectionism
27 Current account of the balance of payments
28 Exchange rates
29 Policies to correct imbalances in the current account of the balance of payments
End-of-unit exam-style questions
7 The price system and the micro economy (A Level)
30 Utility
31 Indifference curves and budget lines
32 Efficiency and market failure
33 Private costs and benefits, externalities and social costs and benefits
34 Types of cost, revenue and profit, short-run and long-run production
35 Different market structures
36 Growth and survival of firms
37 Differing objectives and policies of firms
End-of-unit exam-style questions
8 Government microeconomic intervention (A Level)
38 Government policies to achieve efficient resource allocation and correct market failure
39 Equity and redistribution of income and wealth
40 Labour market forces and government intervention
End-of-unit exam-style questions
9 The macro economy (A Level)
41 The circular flow of income
42 Economic growth and sustainability
43 Employment and unemployment
44 Money and banking
End-of-unit exam-style questions
10 Government macroeconomic issues (A Level)
45 Government macroeconomic policy objectives
46 Links between macroeconomic problems and their interrelatedness
47 Effectiveness of policy options to meet all macroeconomic objectives
End-of-unit exam-style questions
11 International economic issues (A Level)
48 Policies to correct disequilibrium in the balance of payments
49 Exchange rates
50 Economic development
51 Characteristics of countries at different levels of development
52 Relationship between countries at different levels of development
53 Globalisation
End-of-unit exam-style questions
Preparing for assessment
Appendix: Formulae

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