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DIGITAL * - Cambridge Reading Adventures Pink A to Blue Bands Early Digital Classroom Access Card (1 Year Site Licence)

ISBN 9781108465618
0.00 KGS
Online resource available for access and download via digital access code. Code generated at publisher level in the UK and generally provided within 48 hours.

Product Description

Cambridge Reading Adventures Pink A to Blue Bands Early Digital Classroom Access Card (1 Year Site Licence)

Author/s:   Sue Bodman, Glen Franklin

Format:     Digital 

Created to help you get the most out of your reading sessions.

With Digital Classroom, you can share pages with your whole class as well as zoom, highlight and annotate text quickly and easily.

There’s also the option to play audio for the whole book or individual pages in British and American English to help your learners understand correct pronunciation and intonation.

All titles from Pink A to Blue Bands are included in the Early Digital Classroom resource and it is available on a 12-month single-user licence.

This card gives you access to your Digital Classroom resource on the Cambridge Elevate platform.


  • Easily show pages from Cambridge Reading Adventures Early titles with your whole class using your whiteboard or projector.
  • Play audio straight from the page in your choice of British or American accents – ideal for helping your learners’ pronunciation.
  • Download all of the titles onto your computer for offline use – so you don’t need to worry about your internet connection when teaching.
  • Draw attention to important points in the story with easy-to-use tools that let you zoom, highlight and annotate.


  • PINK A BAND: Jamila Finds a Friend
  • The Sun is Up
  • Packing my Bag
  • A Hot Day
  • Arif Goes Shopping
  • Water
  • Games
  • Animal Homes
  • Please Stop, Sara!
  • Photos
  • The Tractor
  • I Can Help
  • PINK B BAND: My Dad is a Builder
  • The Last Lemon
  • Our Den
  • Leela can Skate
  • Omar's First Day at School
  • Where do they Grow?
  • Who Lays Eggs?
  • At the Market
  • Looking After Animals
  • Hello, Baby
  • School Lunch
  • Where are you Going?
  • RED BAND: In the Sea
  • Look! It's Baby Duck
  • The Enormous Watermelon
  • Omar can Help
  • Leopard and his Spots
  • Seagull
  • Houses and Homes
  • The Weather Today
  • Our Senses
  • Bedtime on the Farm
  • Imani's Library Book
  • What Little Kitten Wants
  • YELLOW BAND: Little Tiger Hu can Roar!
  • Late for School
  • Diego Fandango
  • Oh Bella!
  • My School
  • Playgrounds
  • Stars
  • A House for Snail
  • Help!
  • The Boy Who Said No
  • The Big City
  • Where are my Shoes?
  • BLUE BAND: A Day at the Museum
  • Lost!
  • Suli's Big Race
  • It's Much Too Early
  • My First Train Trip
  • Making a Car
  • On the Track
  • All Kinds of Plants
  • The Pumpkin Monster
  • Crabs
  • The Show and Tell Day
  • The Big Pancake
  • The Mean Monkey.

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