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  • Cambridge IGCSE™ Mathematics Extended Practice Book with Digital Version (3rd Edition) - ISBN 9781009297974

Cambridge IGCSE™ Mathematics Extended Practice Book with Digital Version (3rd Edition)

ISBN 9781009297974
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Product Description

Cambridge IGCSE™ Mathematics Extended Practice Book with Digital Version (3rd Edition)

Author/s: Karen Morrison

Format: Print/online bundle (2 Years' Access)

This series supports teachers and learners of the Cambridge IGCSE Mathematics syllabuses (0580/0980.

This third edition of the extended practice book helps your students develop their skills further, whether they are studying in class or at home.

A wide variety of exercises, reflection, self-assessment, examples and questions support them in consolidating their learning and help prepare for assessment, alongside additional features such as key learning statements, tips and more. Answers are available on Cambridge GO.


  • ‘Key learning statements’ remind students what they should already know from their previous studies in order to complete the exercises.

  • ‘Key concepts’ summarise the important concepts that are covered.

  • Helpful ‘Tips’ throughout give extra advice and guidance on various areas of mathematics.

  • Self-assessment questions get students thinking about how well they have understood the chapter with additional prompts to explore where they could improve.

  • Review exercises at the end of the chapter consolidate their learning with extra practice opportunities.

  • ‘Reflection’ feature helps students review their learning from the chapter and encourages them to think about their approach and how they could improve.


  • Introduction
  • 1. Review of number concepts
  • 2. Making sense of algebra
  • 3. Lines, angles and shapes
  • 4. Collecting, organising and displaying data
  • 5.Fractions, percentages and standard form
  • 6. Equations, factors and formulae
  • 7. Perimeter, area and volume
  • 8. Introduction to probability
  • 9. Sequences, surds and sets
  • 10. Straight lines and quadratic equations
  • 11. Pythagoras' theorem and similar shapes
  • 12. Averages and measures of spread
  • 13. Understanding measurement
  • 14. Further solving of equations and inequalities
  • 15. Scale drawings, bearings and trigonometry
  • 16. Scatter diagrams and correlation
  • 17. Managing money
  • 18. Curved graphs
  • 19. Symmetry
  • 20. Histograms and cumulative frequency diagrams
  • 21. Ratio, rate and proportion
  • 22. More equations, formulae and functions
  • 23. Transformations and vectors
  • 24. Probability using tree diagrams and Venn diagrams
  • Answers.

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